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West Palm Beach Station – Brightline | Florida’s 180 mph bullet-train

FloridaWest Palm BeachWest Palm Beach Station - Brightline | Florida's 180 mph bullet-train

Beat the traffic. Now you can ride the train on high-speed rail at 180 mph to Miami.

West Palm Beach Station Brightline
West Palm Beach Station Brightline

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West Palm Beach station is an inter-city rail station in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is served by Brightline, connecting Miami and in the future, Orlando International Airport. The station is located in downtown West Palm Beach, on Evernia Street between Rosemary Avenue and Quadrille Boulevard.

Address: 501 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

For more information visit the Brightline website.

How much is a Brightline ticket from West Palm Beach to Miami?

Brightline make 9 daily trips to Miami. The average ticket price is $23.00

How long is the Brightline ride from West Palm Beach to Miami?

Each segment of this South Florida train trip takes 30 to 40 minutes, with the full Miami to West Palm Beach route lasting one hour and 12 minutes.

How many passengers can the Brightline carry?

Each of Brightline’s five trains consists of two locomotives and four passenger cars and can hold about 240 riders. The company has marketed the railroad to Millennials and business travelers as a faster and more convenient alternative to Florida’s often-crowded highways.

How fast can the Brightline go?

Brightline West expects to offer a journey time of approximately 2h 15min, operating at a top speed of 180 mph.

Zoom by all the traffic via high-speed rail express trains designed for a superbly smooth ride. Brightline services The Palm Beaches with its downtown West Palm Beach location and its Boca Raton location. 

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